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Using the Challenges of Life to Discover Your True Path

Mike glared at his cell phone before finally pushing the off button which disconnected the call. Once again, Mike ended a frustratingly draining conversation with his boss. Another perfectly good proposal dismissed and rejected without a clear understanding or reason why. “What’s the use?” he thought, as he got out of his chair to get his third cup of coffee.

The company that Mike worked for is currently having several issues – facilities problems, employee turnover and recruitment problems, as well as low sales and production. When he first started working at the company, things were moving along well. But, then things changed. Now with all of the turmoil and lack of clear, direct communication, Mike was now considering a move to another company...

Life and the situations that we find ourselves in can be a full time challenge. There are roadblocks, pitfalls and detours to our plans and where we want to be - or believe that we should be. When we’re in the thick of the battle, that is not the time or place to start doing our soul searching. That’s because, trying to figure out what we are to do, trying to figure out how we are to do it and most importantly trying to figure out why we are doing something can be its own challenge and a distraction to being on our path.

Being in a situation and finding that there is a need to change direction is fine. It happens. Unfortunately, that’s when a lot of us realize that we need to re-evaluate all of our choices and our direction in life. We realize that we really don’t know what we want to do and that we have just been going along the road of life without any clear personal direction. Without personal direction, we are more inclined to following someone else’s personal direction.

When we look into determining our personal direction, we have to take at least five things into consideration – the 5C’s you might call it.

We must:
• Consider our commitment to doing what God wants us to do.
• Consider the fact that we are God’s workmanship and we’re created in Jesus Christ to do good works.
• Consider that we have God given passions with their accompanying gifts and talents.
• Consider undergoing the serious study, practice and use of those gifts and talents.
• Consider our thankfulness for the ability and opportunity to have and use those gifts and talents.

When we keep those considerations in front of us as a guide, we can have a better understanding of what our path is when we hit the roadblocks, come across pitfalls and get detoured. And, we can more readily move around, through or over them so that we can get moving back on our path quicker.

Sitting back down with his cup of coffee, Mike took out his phone and opened the app that he used to keep himself on track with the 5C’s. The smile that grew on his lips and the twinkle that returned to his eyes were indications that he knew what he was to do next.

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