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It Came, It Came Just The Same

Against a bright night sky, framed around a full moon, were the sparkling lights of the holiday season. Suddenly, a voice called out, “Get out of the way!!!”
As I turned, what I saw was a complete contradiction in both appearance and tone. A woman dressed in a bright red holiday suit with a floppy hat, complete with a big white cotton ball on the top and little bells circling her collar sat at the intersection. Her complete frustration had the effect of making her face almost as red as her outfit.
The source of her frustration wasn’t me, it turned out. It was an elderly man with a cane and a couple of bags trying to get across the street. Granted that the gentleman had the right of way – yes the walk light was green and this woman was just in a hurry. For her, this was the holiday season in full effect.
The season of giving can come across as a season for getting. People are in a hurry. People are focused on what they want to get – even if what the person wants to get is so that they can give to someone else as a gift. While not necessarily being completely selfish and self-absorbed, people sometimes tend to forget “the reason for the season” and that this is a time to be thankful, merciful, gracious and loving.
In the book and TV show, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” the Grinch wondered how Christmas was Christmas without the “packages, boxes or bags.” And then it came to him, “that Christmas, you see doesn’t come from a store.” Despite the hype of Christmas that is projected as a time for giving the latest and greatest thing out there. Christmas is much, much more.
Yes, this is the time that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, which is a big event. But, Jesus is not a baby anymore, just as Jesus is not on the cross anymore. Could it be that in celebrating the birth of Jesus, that we use this time of year to celebrate His full life – from birth to resurrection? And possibly in doing that, we actually slow down for a minute, reverence this time a true Christ Mass – a time of “service of worship” and celebrate the privilege to participate in His service to each other?
This is a time of celebration. Let’s celebrate all that went into the birth of Jesus and try to apply His character and attitude in our interactions with everybody, especially during this holiday season.
Raising his head up, the elderly man looked at the woman, smiled, tilted his head in acknowledgement and said, “Thank you” as he moved to the other side of the street.
The young girl sitting in the car next to the woman, smiled and waved at the man and shouted, “Have a Merry Christmas, Mister!!!” An embarrassed smile crossed the woman lips as she mouthed the words,”Sorry!”

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