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Being in Your Contentment Zone

The bright sun was cutting slits of light through the vertical blinds that hung in the sparsely furnished office. Looking thoughtfully at one of the watercolor prints that hung on the wall, was Walt. Walt was the manager of a service company and he had just received, what to him was bad news. He was being kicked up the ladder. His boss gave him the news that he was going to be a district manager.

Some things that this new position included was more money, a bigger office, his own assistant and a great opportunity for future advancement. The position also included more responsibility, more travel, longer hours and more people to manage, through the various company managers.

What do we do when good opportunities present themselves that just don’t seem to be what we really want to do or feel that we should be doing?

It’s at those times when we really have to discern the good from the best and have the strength to choose the best. Figuring out what’s good and what’s best can be a hard and treacherous thing in a society that is always seeking the biggest and the brightest. In a society that strives to find and be a part of the next best thing can make those who seek simple contentment feel out of place.

Could it be that people in general have lost touch with what it means to truly be content? In the same way that people think that meekness is weakness, they have fallen into the trap of thinking that being content is the absence of ambition? While meekness is strength under control, contentment is ambition under control. Being content doesn’t mean that a person has no ambition. It just means that that person’s ambition is under the control of God and what He wants for that person’s life.

It’s a tough, narrow road to walk, when it seems like everyone is passing us by. But as David said in one of his proverbs, “Better is a little with the fear [respect, reverence, piety] of the Lord than great treasure and trouble [confusion, disturbance, turmoil, disquietude, panic] therewith.” (Prov. 15:16)

Sometimes we can find ourselves in situations that try to take us out of our Contentment Zone. It’s at those times that we have to be solid in our understanding of where God wants us and what is the why behind our Contentment Zone.

If you are feeling out of place and/or disquieted ask yourself:
• What am I really good at and am I doing it
• What am I passionate about and am I pursuing it
• What are the true priorities in my life and have I made them my priorities
• Why am I doing what I’m doing
• Is this where God wants me and why or why not

Walt was thoughtfully answering those question as the notification played in his mind….
Answering those questions honestly may help you to determine if you’re in your Content Zone and make a choice between the good and the best.

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