Giving & Donations

Taking time with people is the ultimate donation!

The Church Connected Is committed to giving back to the community and those in need.

Therefore we have committed to giving to organizations and individuals that are making a positive difference in the lives of people. Some organizations that we donate to are:

  • The CityLink Center In Cincinnati
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Freestore Food Bank
  • First International Church Of The Web

Giving Should Be Personal And Generous

When we give, it should be a personal matter that comes from our heart. It shouldn't be done because of guilt or as an act to let people to let others know about your "generousity."


We are able to do the work that we do through donations, freelance work and purchases from our online store.

We would appreciate your support and partnership in the ministry of The Church Connected.

Below are a few samples of the merchandise that are in our online store. If you would like personal designs, just contact and let us know.

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Consider making a donation. We use PayPal or Cash App.

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