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The Church Connected is a non-traditional online church. Instead of focusing on traditional sermons, we focus on creating image editing for our devotional content, teachings, comics and animation. And we use easy to understand scripture versions and stories to inspire, motivate and encourage growth in your journey with Jesus Watch the video to get a visual overview of The Church Connected.

The Church Connected Ministries

Our Ministries are divided into two parts. We have Church Engagement and Community Engagement ministries. Through volunteers and donations we're able to meet our needs, give to worthy causes and people in need.

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Spirit Warrior Graphix

"Writing the vision and making it plain" through art, writing/content creation and merchandise design. We help people by using bi-weekly devotionals, cartoons, articles/books and designing material for our store.

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Spirit Warrior Fitness

We use spiritual life coaching resources, movements and breathing from martial arts and biblical meditation & mindfulness to give resources that may help strengthen people spiritually, while being strengthened physically.

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The Church Connected Meditation Verse Of Freedom

"In view of these tremendous facts, don’t let anyone worry you by criticizing what you eat or drink, or what holy days you ought to observe, or bothering you over new moons or sabbaths. All these things have at most only a symbolical value: the solid fact is Christ. Nor let any man cheat you of your joy in Christ by persuading you to make yourselves “humble” and fall down and worship angels. Such a man, inflated by an unspiritual imagination, is pushing his way into matters he knows nothing about, and in his cleverness forgetting his head. It is from the head alone that the body, by natural channels, is nourished and built up and grows according to God’s laws of growth.

So if, through your faith in Christ, you are dead to the principles of this world’s life, why, as if you were still part and parcel of this world-wide system, do you take the slightest notice of these purely human prohibitions—“Don’t touch this,” “Don’t taste that” and “Don’t handle the other”? “This”, “that” and “the other” will all pass away after use! I know that these regulations look wise with their self-inspired efforts at worship, their policy of self-humbling, and their studied neglect of the body. But in actual practice they do honor, not to God, but to man’s own pride." (Colossians 2: 16-23)



Taking time with people is the ultimate donation! The Church Connected Is committed to giving to the community and those in need. Therefore, we have committed to donating to the CityLink Center In Cincinnati, Ohio, Doctors Without Borders, as well as other organizations and individuals that are making a positive difference in the lives of people.

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One of the ways that we keep our work going is through our online store. We would appreciate your support. Click to view our full store.

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