If You're Busy and Can't Make It To In-Person Church or You Feel Uncomfortable and Out of Place With In-Person Church, Personal Connection Is Still Needed and Possible. Connect With The Church Connected And Help Us All Build Connections!


Whether you're already member of a physical local church, or someone currently not part of a church, just have questions or just want some encouragement, we'd like to get to know you and say hello.

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Life After The Resurrection

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The New, "After the Resurrection" Bible Studies Coming Soon

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Our Vision & Mission

What Is The Church Connected

The Church Connected is an online church and a connection for the Unchurched and anyone seeking biblical understanding with application.

We're here as your connection and anywhere/anytime resource for spiritual support, study and encouragement with a foundational emphasis on everyday application.

What Is The Mission Of The Church Connected

Our goal is to support the Churched and help the Unchurched and Questioning find spiritual support and answers regarding God and their purpose.

Our Mission is to provide spiritual encouragement, education, prayer and practical help to live a connected and engaged life.

We create and provide Christ-­centered, friendly, encouraging, applicable, available, various teaching modes (artwork, comics, animation), bible studies, community engagement, inspirational devotions, inspirational comics, inspirational animations.


Opportunities To Engage, Grow And Help Others Are Available 24/7

Get The Verse of the Day Meditations Free. It's both a devotional and a bible study that is practical, personal and available wherever and whenever you're available.

We Focus On Giving

The Church Connected Is Committed To Giving To The Community And Those In Need. Therefore, We Have Committed To Donating To The CityLink Center In Cincinnati, Ohio, As Well As Other Organizations That Are Making Positive A Positive Difference In The Lives Of People.

Your Support Also Helps Us To Create And Provide Resources. Your Help In These Efforts Is Greatly Appreciated!

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Whether you want to connect with The Church Connected as online members or get additional support, to help yourself, to help others, to request prayer or to find out how you can impact your community, contact us.
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Consider supporting the work of The Church Connected. Your donations allow you to make an impact in the lives of those in need, as well as various areas of your community. Check out how donating to TCC has been used.
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to accomplish our mission, we provide bible based devotional and study materials, prayer and community activities that people who may need to supplement and possibly expand their personal teaching and application when connecting to the world.
The Church Connected Ministries

The Church Connected Ministries are designed to be biblical, practical and community focused. And through our volunteers and donations we're able give to worthy causes and those in need.

Academy of Holistic Christian Living: Providing Holistic Christian education, coaching and empowerment. 
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SW Graphix: Creative arts focusing on writing articles, training and devotional materials, comics, artwork and website creation

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Spirit Warrior Fitness is Everyone who is on the journey of Spiritual Fitness, Strength, Confidence and Freedom
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Connect With Us...

Connect With Us

The Church Connected is an online church, for people who don't want to go to and/or belong to a physical church or people looking for additional study, making it a place to connect, learn and apply spiritual truth from the bible in their everyday lives and the lives of people around them. What Is The Mission Of The Church Connected Our Mission is to provide spiritual encouragement, education, prayer and practical help to live a connected and engaged life. to the church.