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Hello and Thanks for stopping by.... 

As the name says, we are a body of believers connected together by the grace of Jesus the Christ. While some of us may be totally online and others may also attend a physical location, we are still connected!

Our goal is to encourage age you the truth of the God's word in a down to earth practical way. We're on this road together.

So, how do we accomplish this? We do this by sharing the Verse for the Day Daily Meditations (by text, email,and on Facebook), Articles, and Bible Studies. We create Books, Comics and we Teach Biblical Moving Meditation Coaching. All of this has a foundation in Prayer.



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We hope you give The Church Connected a try. Whether it's through the daily devotions, any of the articles, both past and present. And if you would like prayer we will defintely do that. And, if you would be interested in praying for me and this ministry, that would be fantastic.

Take your time while you look around. You'll notice that The Church Connected has various additional ministries, such as:

  • Spirit Warrior Graphics (SW Graphix) - A blog where I post my writing and artwork when I'm able.
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  • Spirit Warrior Fitness - A blog about what we read and try to do to stay spiritually and physically fit so that my soul is in alignment. It's a battle, especially as we get older! For click more information

  • Spirit Warrior Ministries: A page emphasizing the Influence of Africa and People of Color in the Bible in order to encourage Community Involvement, Community Prayer and Community Understanding. Under Construction

 As you guessed it, we am big on believers being Spirit Warriors. That's because our fight is not just here on earth, but is also the unseen spirit realm.

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So, we want everyone to be prepared through God's armor of God, to cast down vain imaginations and thoughts,whether about ourselves and/or others. We want to encourage want to encourage you to try to stay in line with the His Kingdom. 

We all have a path to walk and bridges to cross. Let's do it together


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If you need prayer, don't hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
*For Privacy and confidentiality, prayers are sent directly to me.


Be Well.....Pastor Robert Bradley

Please Consider Donating to the Ministry

(We use PayPal for a more secure donations
aceptance and give you peace of mind)

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