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Masks For The Homeless

2020 Face Masks

COVID-19 Masks For The Homeless

As COVID-19 continues to grip the United States and the world, there are some people who are at risk but may not have the means to get the face masks that are a part of combating this pandemic.

Masks for the Homeless is an initiative to get masks into the hands of our homeless population. Please help us as we pray and use the means given to slow the coronavirus down, things such as maintaining at least a six foot distance, wearing masks and washing our hands often.


We are seeking donations to offset the costs of materials, as we work with organizations who can distribute to those in need. So, if you'd like to help in this effort please use the button below to make your donation


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When you give to The Church Connected, you are helping us to help others! Our ministry of encouragement, teaching and unity goes a long way! We're constantly looking for situations where we can help. Anything you give is very much appreciated!

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About Robert Bradley


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Ministry: The Overseer and Founder of The Church Connection is Pastor Robert Bradley Jr. Robert is an Independent Pastor and an Associate Minister at Morning Star Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Raised in a Christian home, he was taught the bible, and accepted Christ at a very early age. Before being a part of formal church ministry,  he was involved in a parachurch, Discipleship Training Ministry that stressed discipling anyone who you lead to Christ and learning and applying various types of Bible Studies through seminars, conferences and personal study.


Educaction: With a BA in City Planning and a MEd. in education, Robert was a former Adjunct Professor in the Undergraduate Business Program at the Union Institute & University teaching Mangement Information System (MIS) classes consisting primarily of E-Commerce classes. He has taught Information Security and Management Information Systems courses. Through his education and experience, he tried to motivate his students with having a holistic practicality that will allow for immediate implementation.


Freelance Work: Robert is a Writer/Website Creator with written work on various topics, having stories and articles on various websites, newsletters and social media. A published author of a Christian exercise and devotional journal and two comic book series. Website creation, graphic design and logo creation and he publishes client materials in various formats.

Community Work: A former Shotokan Karate Instructor and Meditative Karate Coach, Robert taught karate classes through the Mid-America WTKO at the Japanese Karate-Do. He helped with promotion test grading, writing blog posts, website content and website maintenance and administration. Robert has been involved in teaching seminars and workshops primarily on Self-Protection & Awareness and Moving Meditation for Relaxation.



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Our Vision: Our Vison is to give people separately and congregationally thoughout the world a platform online and offline to see their place in the body of Christ - The Church Connected

Our Mission: Our Mission is to provide training and cousnseling to help people see and live their connection to the church - the body of Christ.

Our strategy: to accomplish our mission is by providing bible based materials, counseling and other activities, such as biblical meditation to people who may need to supplement and possibly expand their personal teaching and training.


Please Consider Donating to the Ministry

(We use PayPal for a more secure donations
aceptance and give you peace of mind)



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